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I really like this site, thank you to everyone for their hard work

Andrey Piveny 5 hours ago

in general, all is cool, but I'd like the delivery to be faster

Genok Savosykin 4 hours ago

Works seamlessly

Ilyya Gotsul 4 hours ago

I'm waiting for Samsung A10

Artemy Shestakov 3 hours ago

I like the fact that you can sell back items that are no good

Arina Alekseeva 2 hours ago

App's the best, I got a new MacBook

Aleksandr Pasinkov 2 hours ago

I win!! it's awesome

Denis Mihalkin 2 hours ago

I want more free stuff!!!

Roma Stukov an hour ago

Really cool

Vlad Plyavgo an hour ago

I won a few super-cool stuff, costing a lot of money

Vlad Vladimirov 18 minutes ago
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