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been opening boxes for a long time and have ordered a lot of goods. have already received delivery of 4 item, 2 more are on the way.

Ulya Tereshtenko 5 hours ago

cool gadgets

Rostik Bugrin 4 hours ago

I got xiaomi headphones

Stepan Kovalenko 3 hours ago

I decided to check if goods really get delivered

Aleksandr Yakimets 3 hours ago

The best part is that the chances of winning are pretty high

Vadim Gigely 2 hours ago

Guys, I like this site

Rem Vasyagin 2 hours ago

Not much at first, but then you start drawing better things

Jack Jones an hour ago

I've not tried yet, but I've heard from friends that all is true here

Dmitriy Dyuzhev an hour ago

I won a gamepad and drive!))

Zhahongir Rashidov 59 minutes ago

Everything's fair with this site, top prizes

Kirill Pavlov 21 minutes ago
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