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been opening boxes for a long time and have ordered a lot of goods. have already received delivery of 4 item, 2 more are on the way.

Ulya Tereshtenko 5 hours ago

cool gadgets

Rostik Bugrin 4 hours ago

I got xiaomi headphones

Stepan Kovalenko 4 hours ago

I decided to check if goods really get delivered

Aleksandr Yakimets 3 hours ago

The best part is that the chances of winning are pretty high

Vadim Gigely 3 hours ago

Guys, I like this site

Rem Vasyagin 2 hours ago

Not much at first, but then you start drawing better things

Jack Jones 2 hours ago

I've not tried yet, but I've heard from friends that all is true here

Dmitriy Dyuzhev an hour ago

I won a gamepad and drive!))

Zhahongir Rashidov an hour ago

Everything's fair with this site, top prizes

Kirill Pavlov 36 minutes ago
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